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Welcome to Pura Health. Specialising in Cannabis based medicines.
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Your In Person Consultation Options

Initial Consultation

Face-to-face consultation to assess your exact needs and ensure you get the best treatment plan.

Follow Up Consultation

Our specialist doctor will monitor your progress and make any required adjustments to your prescription to ensure maximum patient benefit.

Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions will be issued on specialist recommendation.

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Our approach
is centred on you

Our mission is to meet the highest standard of Customer Care providing a personal service for patients to ensure a pertinent treatment is prescribed in a safe and transparent method using medicinal cannabis where appropriate. We have brought together an exceptional team in Guernsey with expertise in this new field of medicine that is dedicated to providing and developing excellence in treatment and the highest level of patient care.

Our aim is to enable access to medicinal cannabis for patients who will derive clinical benefit through consultation with expert doctors working within a framework approved by all relevant medical regulatory authorities.